+++ Frank-winner of the Grand Prix of medium-sized businesses in 2009 +++ The Puulitzer Prize 2010 goes to Frank Fahrzeugbau Ltd. +++ Tour de Frank on 19/08/2011 - the largest children's cycling event in Germany +++
Frank Fahrzeugbau in Leipzig and Chemnitz

Welcome to Frank Fahrzeugbau Ltd.

Tradition and progress are the predicates that characterize the companies of the Frank organization. Founded in 1964, the quality blacksmith has become a living symbol for mobile innovation, ‘Made in Germany'.
Frank Fahrzeugbau GmbH Leipzig

Frank Fahrzeugbau GmbH NL Chemnitz

Frank & Sohn Fahrzeugteile Leipzig GmbH

As a full service provider of commercial vehicles and construction equipment engines, Frank Fahrzeugbau Ltd. has two locations and a mobile service fleet available around the clock.

Custom-built trucks are manufactured according to the latest technological standards for special transporting needs.

Frank & Son Automotive Parts, which belongs to the Frank organization, has a warehouse of over 60,000 different quality replacement parts.

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Quality has had a name for the last 48 years